Ishq Kinara travels to LA for LAfemme Film Festival

The music video for Ishq Kinara which was released earlier this year in February has made it to the LaFemme Film festival in LA! It was screened on the 20th of October for an audience from all around the world. This is a huge achievement for Zoe Viccaji and Director Meher Jaffri; as their work is being recognised internationally, and the video is being seen in the same category as film. The video shows Jaffri’s directorial brilliance and may be likened to a short film in its treatment and quality. She has just returned from a Fullbright scholarship in New York, and is already working on exciting new projects. The film was shot by Mo Azmi who has worked with Viccaji on two other music video, with production design by Saqib Hayat making the beautiful sets that you see. It features two budding actors from Karachi, Sunil Shanker and Kashif Hussain, with other actors an dancers Cyril James, Shabana Hassan, Sabiha Zia, Vajdaan, Anwaar Sheikh and many more appearing in the credits of the video. “Ishq Kinara is a song that is very close to our hearts, one that speaks on a universal level of the experience of love and how we may lose ourselves in it. Ishq Kinara is about the realization that love stems from within, and instead of looking outward for love and approval, we must first look within out selves.” Says Viccaji. The project is an extension of Viccaji’s fascination with musical theatre and is a fun, upbeat and humorous piece. The song was first heard through Coke Studio and continues to be one of her famous numbers. Viccaji says this is one of her favourite songs, the verses are composed by her, and the chorus has been adapted from an old Turkish song Uskudara Gideriken. The music for the video was produced by Karim Barolia and Ahsan Bari. Other team members who made this possible: Production designer Saqib Hayat. Line producer: Carol Ann Noronha, AD Shajee Hasan and Umaima Ahmed. Associate producer Kamal Khan. Production manager :Sara Ashraf. Production coordinator: Zoha Husain. Production assistant: Nabeel Ahmed and Anwaar Sheikh, Art directors Aamir Farsi and Cheryl, Art assistant: Talha Kehar. Special effects makeup  Almitra Mavalvala. Stylist: Mir Dilawar   You can watch the full video here: